Escrow Background

Escrow Industry Technical Background

Linda Rae Paul has an in-depth background as a Senior National Commercial Escrow Officer qualified in regulatory compliance for audit-proof escrow transactions in states including but not limited to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Texas. Her specific transactional experience includes sale, refinance, 1031 exchange, CMBS defeasance, senior debt, mezzanine debt, deed in lieu, debt restructuring, easement acquisitions, tenant in common transactions, UCC financing, portfolio acquisitions, portfolio finance transactions, subdivision development sales and sale outs.

She performed real estate settlement services on a nationwide basis including the holding and management of escrow funds, escrow audits to process and clear escrow funds, investigation of stale escrow funds for escheat, review and approval of escrow instructions (including lender payoff, third party, cancellation, seller, buyer, lender and 1031 instructions), review of general provisions, real estate sales contracts, review and approval of transactional documents, conduct correspondence with institutional lenders, principals, law firms and brokers, create closing statements, handle prorations, confirm receipt of all original and PDF version of documents necessary to close transactions, monitor escrow trust accounts for funds for closing, conduct curative review and requirements for closing, managing escrow staff while providing leadership and training.

In the course of a transaction, she obtained and coordinated closing dates and closing status from parties along with final closing confirmation to notify clients when the transaction officially closed. Supervised and initiated the wiring of closing funds pursuant to instructions from parties, distributed documents pursuant to instructions, compiled documents for recordation and submitted documents for electronic recording. She kept diligent track of every transaction and open items from title order, title review, title pro forma policy requests, pre-close and post-close checklist items for audit purposes, recordation of documents and review and distribution of accurate final title insurance policies. In addition to the above, she routinely reviewed and confirmed any jurisdictional requirements necessary for closing transactions in each situs county and state where the subject properties were located. Also coordinated additional services related to the closing process such as ALTA surveys, 1031 services and UCC services.

Escrow and Title Expert Witness Services
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